Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is Microsoft Yahoo Serious?

Was there ever a time when Microsoft was a cool company? Cool isn't the right word, perhaps necessary or mainstream are better descriptors. Didn't Yahoo used to be cool? It was for a time, when they built their empire making it easy for average people to have their own web presence with a homepage. Yahoo seems to have lost that coolness factor, although they are trying to recapture it, and they don't need Microsoft to do it.

So, does an alliance between Microsoft, a "necessary" company, and Yahoo, a "used-to-be" company, make for a really cool company? Let's face it, Apple is cool incarnate, and Google is cool doing no evil. Certainly can't say that about Microsoft. Would an alliance between Apple and Google be cool? Duh! They're doing it now, and cleaning Microsoft's clock.

So, why did Microsoft walk away from their negotiations with Yahoo? From the reports, it seems Monkey Boy, Steve Balmer, thought the deal was too pricey. What's the price one must pay to obtain coolness? Apparently there's no price that can make this deal cool.

Remember the actor Yahoo Serious? He made a movie that developed a kind of cult following, called "Young Einstein." The movie was a really funny parody of Albert Einstein as a young man. Yahoo Serious knew how to portray Albert Einstein as cool. Now let me ask you, can the video below, in any way, put Microsoft back in the cool light? C'mon, seriously!

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